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DSSENT 成立於 2009 年,團隊深受東西方的文化洗禮,造就 DSSENT 創新與創意的經營理念。自成立以來創造出不凡的商品與計畫,以十年來於設計、生產、行銷、販售、管理的經驗,拓展事業至代理國際品牌,並以專攻美式職業運動品牌為強項。DSSENT 深度了解運動與流行文化,成功行銷品牌,給客戶零時差、低價差的時尚購物享受,並不斷的經由活動、講座、展覽等,持續培育屬於台灣的文化。

Founded in 2009, Dssent started as a streetwear brand from Taiwan. After years of experience in design, manufacturing, marketing and sales, we have expanded our business to distribution of globally known brands, especially in the field of US major sports. With our knowledge to the market and sports heritage, we are dedicated to bridge the gap between US and Taiwan, deliver true and authentic products for our customers.

Live with Instincts, Arm with Intellect.

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“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”
― Michael Jordan


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